Cromwell-Wright Public School Referendum 2023

The Proposed Plan

This referendum process began early in 2020 with an initial facilities assessment that helped to show the strengths and weaknesses of our district's tangible assets. Taking into account the results from this assessment, community surveys, and public and staff input, three main areas of focus have been identified building and grounds site improvements, safety and security and a small gymnasium expansion. In addition to many improvements for the district, this referendum will allow us to continue to provide an exceptional learning and working environment for our students, staff, alumni and community members.

Site & Building Improvements: Site improvements will include site drainage corrections, pavement upgrades, additional parking spaces, toilet room renovations and improved configuration for bus and parent drop-off/pickup. The improvement of our parking lot is crucial and will not only fix what is in dire need of repair, but will also help create a safer drop-off and pick-up area before and after school for our students and school visitors. Other building upgrades will include toilet room renovations, expanded commons areas and increased student storage space.

Safety & Security: Securing all of our entrances will improve safety for students and staff, reduce the chance of trespassers or unauthorized entry, and help reduce stress or anxieties that our staff, students and families may have about security issues.

Small Gym Expansion: Expanding the small gym would create a better and safer learning environment for our physical education classes during the day and by providing an additional regulation-sized competition playing surface for extra-curricular activities. It would also add more seating to accommodate families and visitors.

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Vote February 14, 2023 from 1:00 - 8:00 PM

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